North Harbour Has Good Run


The weekend matches at North Harbour Stadium had a successful transport run according to organisers.
Those matches relied on buses, not trains. That included buses from Henderson.
For yesterday’s afternoon’s Australia versus Italy match, organizers say the bus operations worked well for all parts of the region with 7500 fans travelling by bus to the match and just under 8227 carried home.
All passengers were cleared from venue within 60 minutes
Auckland Transport says operations at North Harbour worked according to plan with all fans reported seated at opening time.
Crowd behaviour was also excellent. Only one person was evicted from the game. So far throughout the country, there have been very few arrests at matches.

Aussie fans had no problem getting to the North Harbour game from the city

Likewise for the Sasturday France versus Japan (corrected) match at North Harbour, organisers say bus operations also worked well with 7000 fans travelling by bus to the match and just under 11,000 carried home.
All passengers were cleared from venue within 65 minutes and all fans were seated by opening time.

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  1. richard says:

    Unfortunately those who hate trains will say buses are the way to go for PT. We need a mixed and comprehensive system.

    This also confirms Eden Park was totally the wrong venue for the games a modified Carlaw Park being near the waterfront would have been superior or a venue like North Harbour not strangled by housing etc.

    Why does Auckland persevere with Veolia alias Connex? They had their contract in SE England cancelled and they are not popular in Melbourne I understand.

    Recently I had to travel to an appointment in Remuera near the station so caught the N Express bus and then thought i would catch the train. A bad mistake…..It was the day of the Big Day Out and I boarded a train the signs said went to Papakura via Newmarket. After packing passengers in like sardines we left eight minutes late and then sailed past Remuera. I asked the ticket collector what was going on and she said it was an express to Penrose!! I wont repeat what I said. I then had to wait twenty minutes along with 3-4 other similarly affected passengers to get back to Remuera.

    I was not impressed their communications etc. are hopeless or non existent and you can’t blame people pressing the emergency button in frustration.

    This is not the first failure by the operator, we need a company who can do it properly

  2. BD says:

    Oh What a shame the Ausies didn’t miss their opening game, my heart bleeds. Pitty the transport wasn’t smooth for the all blacks game aye guys, oh well nevermind!

  3. Newnewt says:

    Small factual error: France played Japan on Saturday, not Italy…

  4. Jon C says:

    @Newnewt Not a small error for the Jap fans. Sorry did it too early in the morning!


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