(Photos) Queens Wharf Open Day


Here are some more photos from the Queens Wharf open day.

The festive occasion attracted many Aucklanders curious about the wharf - and passionate about what will happen to the waterfront..

I hope this isn’t the tent we are getting as a temporary structure!


Video- People flock to the Queens Wharf open day

Videos- Those Ugly Old Sheds!

Videos: Inside the Queens Wharf sheds

SOS Queens Wharf facebook page

Cruise ships coming for RWC

Video: Murray McCully- Make RWC a Great Event

Video: ARC’s Mike Lee declares Queens Wharf The People’s Wharf




  1. ingolfson says:

    So why the guns? Are the political squabbles getting heated enough they needed to call in the military?

  2. Joshua says:

    It is a navy boat, I’m kina glad they got some form of weapons on board, although it would be very NZ to be to PC to use guns. Just bring out the sticks!

    I’m surprised we got a ship lol.

    One thing I don’t get with NZ is why we don’t have a bigger Navy, I mean surely being surrounded by water we would have one of the larger navy’s for our population. I guess we will have to rely on good international relations because we will be the laughing stock of the world if we were attacked.

  3. ingolfson says:

    Joshua, we don’t need a navy to defend our borders against military invasions. We are a minnow, and any credible defense would eat up our whole budget (leaving nothing over for things like public transport or even medical care) - and STILL be a laugh against China, the US, or even Australia. Thus are all really small states in the world. They survive in other ways.

    We need our navy to patrol against border incursions such as illegal fishing and smuggling, rather than against invasions. So yeah, some good ships would be nice. Sadly all the ones we bought recently seem to have more issues than a recalled car.


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