(Videos) Ugly Old Sheds?


Those sheds.

During this afternoon’s open day at Auckland’s Queens Wharf, it was the main talking point.

Overheard views were mixed, but those campaigning to save them were active in trying to gather support for saving them.

This will be the first glimpse of Auckland as cruise ships arrive at the Queens Wharf cruise ship terminal.

What cruise ships will see of Queens Wharf when they arrive in Auckland

On a day when the sheds passed into the hands of Auckland’s public as the declared People’s Wharf, it seemed bizarre to see people wandering around reclaiming it, oblivious to the sign at the edge of the wharf warning it’s a restricted area (presumably as a cruise ship terminal)!

Here’s the outside of a shed close-up:

They have survived 98 years and show their age but whether they will witness the RWC 2011 is the big unknown.


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  1. ingolfson says:

    The restricted area sign refers to ships/yachts, as far as I am aware. You can’t just rock up with your mates and tie up to swap the chilly bins.


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