SOS QueensWharf on facebook


The Save Queens Wharf sheds campaigners were in force this afternoon at the opening of the Queens Wharf.

A Facebook group SOS Queens Wharf has been set up.

Leaflets handed out from the Auckland Architecture Association said: “There are many inspirational examples of cities around the world (which) have retained their memories by adapting old structures to fulfil a modern, everyday use. We can do the same here on Queens Wharf.”

SOS Queens Wharf protester held up these signs at the official ceremony


Cruise ships coming for RWC

Video: Murray McCully- Make RWC a Great Event

Video: ARC’s Mike Lee declares Queens Wharf The People’s Wharf

Video- People flock to the Queens Wharf open day

Queens Wharf open day in Photos

Videos- Those Ugly Old Sheds!

Videos: Inside the Queens Wharf sheds





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