RWC2011 Trial Run


Auckland’s public transport system was being well and truly tested tonight with a dry run for the Rugby World Cup 2011.

Rugby fans pour off trains to head for Eden park

Trains were stopping every 10 minutes at Kingsland’s revamped train station.

Despite earlier  predictions of a military-style operation herding passengers, it was more like quiet efficiency led by a large team of helpful Veoila train managers and hired event staff.

Veolia staff were helpful and pleasant

For many, judging by the reactions at Britomart, a train trip seemed a new experience, so hopefully it won’t be their last taste of public transport.

Springbok fans pose for photos at Britomart

On board the general trains, a train manager checked for those with rugby tickets which meant they could ravel free and another guard did the same check but clipped those who were not going to the rugby.
This video shows how relaxed and orderly the process was at Kingsland:

Some arriving commuters headed for party central - Kingsland pubs- to watch the game.

Eden Park’s $3m walkway opens

Kingsland station underpass opens

Eden Park- Sandringham Rd car ban works well




  1. anthony says:

    Nice to see it actually working without a hitch for like the 3rd time ever!!! hopefully it stays this way.

  2. Chris says:

    PT the saviour of rugby! Easier, faster, less stress to get to the game means more people interested in going…

  3. joust says:

    trains have been the best way to get to games in Wellington for a long time, we’re finally catching up!


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