How It’s Looking: St George


A rail overbridge replacement at St George St, Papatoetoe to allow for rail electrification wires is one of the big Southern Line projects going on as part of the Auckland Summer rail programme.

Here is how it looks today:

Summer Rail Programme series: How It’s Looking At…


The new DL locos

Glen Eden

Baldwin update with 10 days to go

St George update

Baldwin update

Rossgrove Tce and Baldwin update

Homai Browns Rd, Manurewa

Church St East, Penrose

Waterfront trams

Bridge St, Papatoetoe

St George St, Papatoetoe rail bridge replacement



Baldwin Ave

Quay Park

Purewa Eastern Line track work

Manukau’s new station

CBD Shared Spaces




  1. patrick says:

    thanks for the pics guys.
    It has certainly progressed a lot further than I could have imagined.
    These new bridges will improve traffic flows as well

  2. Matt says:

    St George St is rumoured to be completed in three days’ time, based on a conversation I had with a contractor at Puhiniui this morning. And the Bridge St bridge should be finished early. We shall see.

    He was as mystified as I as to why they didn’t just bowl Bridge St bridge and join the two sections of Puhinui Rd. Anyone know? My guess was the cost of a completely new structure.

  3. Gerard says:

    is the wind mill (daisy) going to be put back up?

  4. Marty McFly says:

    @ Matt
    There was an article in the local Manukau Courier before Christmas about it. The Council said they didn’t own all the land, no consents etc.
    Also, as my Mum remined me, once they agreed to extend the Mangere Motorway (SH20) to Manukau, the plan was to get the traffic going to the A/Port & West etc, to use SH20 & non-residential Cavendish Dr instead. Hence, no need to make Puhinui a four-lane highway anymore, nor build the bridge over the NIMT.

  5. Jon R says:

    From my understanding, the BCR’s (inportant to Steven Joyce for roading projects, but not rail projects) where based on Bridge St remaining as present. Also the council was noted as mentioning that with the new roads to the airport they did not want to encorage a ” rate race” through Puhinui. Sounds fine by me.

    Who wants endless fast roads through suburbs? No one.

    If only Joycey would apply the same “set in stone” standards for rail as he does for roading projects! Another reason not to vote for him I think. Who wants a double speak politician?

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  7. [...] St George St, Papatoetoe rail bridge replacement [...]


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