How It’s Looking: The New DL Locos


A couple of KiwiRail’s new 108 tonne double-cab diesel-electric DLs locomotives have been back in a yard at Mount Maunganui so we took another look.

The rail union has suggested those new Chinese-made DL locomotives may be too heavy for the rail network but KiwiRail has said the new locomotives are lighter than the electric locos that run between Hamilton and Palmerston North.

AKT Coverage and photos from the Mount kindly provided by Jolene. Chris and Callum James.
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The new DL locos

Glen Eden

Baldwin update with 10 days to go

St George update

Baldwin update

Rossgrove Tce and Baldwin update

Homai Browns Rd, Manurewa

Church St East, Penrose

Waterfront trams

Bridge St, Papatoetoe

St George St, Papatoetoe rail bridge replacement



Baldwin Ave

Quay Park

Purewa Eastern Line track work

Manukau’s new station

CBD Shared Spaces




  1. Andrew says:

    Strange, these ongoing and differing arguments about what these locos’ weight is supposed to be. Why not just weigh them already to settle this?

  2. Matt says:

    Andrew, the argument is not over what they weigh, it’s whether or not they’re too heavy. The union says they are, KR says that they’re lighter than the toasters. Wikipedia says the toasters weigh 108T, so these are about the same weight. If they’re the same weight, how can they be too heavy?

    They’re heavier than the locos used for metro rail and shunting service, but not heavier than the key electric NIMT locos and not much (only about 10-15T) heavier than the non-electric NIMT locos. Assuming they’re intended for use as NIMT freight locos, they’re not too heavy for that line.

  3. mickeymouse says:

    its all about axle loadings not about how much they weigh.

    interesting that @ 108 t thats matches the maximum axle loading allowed of 18 t,

    I would take a guess that they are actually closer to 120 t which works out to be 20 t per axle.


  4. mark says:

    “ongoing and differing arguments”

    Sometimes arguments get repeated without actually still being relevant, just because nobody realises the argument has been settled?

  5. Kon says:

    Surely the max weight limits including fuel were taken into consideration during the tender process so why now is there any doubt?

  6. Paul in Sydney says:

    Sounds like union noise

    Didn’t union rep(s) go to China, and were involved in the process of approving the layout of the cab etc???

    I totally understand there desire to Build the DL’s but KR is upagaist it, they need this new equipment now and there budget is limited. Government restraints on KR to perform.

    Unions should be in the transport ministers face

  7. Ian says:

    Did the Loco perform well? I mean can it pull the cargo better and efficient than the old Loco?

  8. tim says:

    As the “toasters” only run on half the middle of the NIMT, the weight issue is a fair question. It would be a real shame if the new locos could only operate on a very limited part of the whole rail network nationwide.

  9. Ian says:

    I assume the matter is about axle loading, not the overall weight.

  10. mickeymouse says:

    @ Ian

    That isexactly what i stated earlier if you take the time to read all the comments before repling.


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