Henderson Bridge Touch Up


Auckland Transport has begun work transforming the bridge that crosses over Henderson’s Opanuku Stream on Great North Road with a new viewing platform and artwork designed by a local artist.
The bridge will feature a suspended structural steel pedestrian walkway and large posts which represent the totems; pou whenua and flag poles used by many cultures to mark their land. The bridge will mirror the artwork recently completed for Oratia Bridge.

Oratia bridge

Work is expected to be completed by mid-July.
The work area is near the Henderson West Fono Health Trust building (eastern side) on Great North Road and the car park opposite (western side).

Construction will take place on both sides of Great North Road. There will be no road closures however while construction is in progress the eastern side footpath will be closed restricting pedestrian access.
The western side works will include improvements to the adjoining all-day car park area. The access and exits of the car park are being rearranged to improve its safety and pedestrian access.
While works in the car park are being carried out, an area of the car park will be fenced off to ensure public safety.

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  1. Matt L says:

    Look forward to seeing it, I love the look of the Oratia stream bridge, especially at night when the tips of the poles light up. I think that turning bridges into nice artwork was something the Waitakere city council did well.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Does this mean that we will have a bridge under/over Great North Rd instead of crossing at the traffic lights - or is this something different altogether?
    Also is the bridge over the duck pond behind the Corbans Estate finished yet? Love all those new additions. They are so appreciated.

  3. mark says:

    Doesn’t sound like this will grade-separate Great North Road. Shame.

    Or maybe I am being too pessimistic - it says both sides of Great North Road after all?


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