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Minister McCully announces use of  special powers for the government to take over control of the waterfront and provide more space

Steven Joyce blames Labour for why we haven’t electric trains for RWC

Council decisions on Wednesday

Who is to blame? 

John Key says you have to see the Train Fail in some context

Murray McCully won’t apologise

Greens say it’s the Government’s fault 

What actually happened?

Friday night - live blogging as it happened & over 100 comments

What went wrong Thoughts the next day

What happened in Queen St

The craziness that happened in the CBD

What Party central looked like

What’s happened since

North Harbour weekend games have no transport issues

World Reaction
World media ignore the Train Fail apart from the Aussies




  1. Mark says:

    Basically a number of people got carried away, and didn’t think things through.

    Firstly - a party central that only takes 12,000. The event organisers then went way over the top - wanted some huge grand ceremony. Not happy with the one at Eden Park, they added one at the waterfront. And then went out to “sell” it - ie the biggest ever fireworks display etc - of course they were going to get big numbers.

    Then they told the schools to close to ease traffic congestion - so now more people were free to head in. If people had kids at school at 3pm, they wouldn’t have tried getting back into town. But I know a few families who headed in at around 2pm.

    then they told everyone to take public transport - without considering the actual capacity. Again sell, sell ,sell. The event people just want big, they’ve got huge budgets, their own self importance rides on it too.

    Just looking at Eden Park. Kingsland/Morningside can only take 15-17,000. That’s based on large number of trains and making it one way. So you only want 25% on trains - so why keep saying take trains? Buses can do maybe 10-15,000 - you actually still need 50% to drive and park.

    So they have to have messages that back up that split. They also need fall back plans and comunication. So when northern bus way is reaching capcity, people are told to drive in and park and walk. There was plenty of parking around Eden Park. They’ve also been very light on park and rides - such as Ellerslie racecourse/Greenlane.

  2. AKT says:

    @Mark Sound analysis. How were things for Eden Park residents?

  3. Mark says:

    @AKT - pretty well. people seemed to cope with road closures, and there was a good atmosphere out in the streets. Crowd were well behaved, and the liquor ban has worked very well.

    Eden Park and RWC2011 had also invited locals to the wed dress rehearsal - which went down very well.

    I’ve still got concerns on the Kingsland/New North capacity, and wished they’d used Dominion Rd a bit more. eg for a very quick Queen St shuttle.

  4. richard says:

    As far as Government telling Auckland they are at fault for the shambles it is ultimately for a court to determine liability and any payment must be made without prejudice or admission of liability.

    The mayor unfortunately was quick to say people should be compensated but whilst I sympathise with the victims here I don’t want any more tax or ratepayer’s money thrown at this event directly or indirectly.

    Also, surely, event and travel tickets invariably have a disclaimer of liability don’t they?

    There are many questions to be answered here and I don’t blame passengers pressing the emergency button when suffocating surely that’s an emergency!!!

  5. greenwelly says:

    Muzza has dump Len in the dustbin and decreed that he will run the waterfront party for the rest of the tournament.


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