Rena Survives Night, Weather Poor


There has been no report of any further movement from Rena grounded on the Astrolabe Reef overnight but more oil has come ashore.

Weather this morning is poor, with rough seas and a 1.5m swell, decreasing, and strong winds. This will impact upon salvage operations.

However, salvage company experts will be flying out to the vessel to assess the situation.

Sensors on board the vessel have detected no significant movement overnight, and salvors are working on a variety of plans to cover all eventualities, including if they are unable to get on board the vessel.

This includes preparing additional work platforms and pumping equipment. Divers are also working on plans for accessing the starboard fuel tank of the vessel.

Rena listing in heavy seas

Yesterday afternoon, a closer inspection of the Rena showed some movement and noise coming from the cracks on both sides of the vessel.

The inspection by MNZ advisors and naval architects of the Liberia-registered container ship found the bow section is still sitting firmly on the reef, with the stern section showing some movement with the swell and tide.

Maritime NZ officials warned that salvage efforts of the Rena are “now entering a critical phase.”

National On Scene Commander Ian Niblock says there have been no new reports overnight of oil on beaches, but teams will today clean up oil that came ashore late yesterday along a 3km stretch of beach nearHarrison’s Cut.

The oil-covered remains of a container have been washed ashore at Te Kaha and recovery teams have been sent to pick up this debris. Another has just been reported at Te Araroa this morning.

It’s likely that there will be no other volunteer clean up today, given that beaches yesterday were largely clear of oil. However, volunteers are on standby and are ready to swing into action should they be needed.

There is no further update on wildlife numbers since last night. The Wildlife Response Centre received 18 new intakes yesterday, bringing the total number of animals being cared for to 253. Around 1,290 dead birds and 4 dead animals have been identified.

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  1. John Dalley says:

    silly question but do we know why they can’t lift of the Rema?
    I assume that most if not all containers at the rear of the ship are empty. I can understand why not the full one but the empty?


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