Driver goes through red light


The Britomart-bound red light at Morningside

A train driver going through a red light mid-morning added to Morningside’s general chaos today.

SUV crossing at Morningside

Fortunately no-one was injured and the correct procedures were followed - driver stood down, Western line closed for 1 hour 10 minutes  while an investigation took place.

The Auckland Regional Transport Authority confirmed to me the incident happened at 10am - “There was no damage to signals just to be clear and the passengers were all safe.”

But it’s a scary thought.Veolia is advertising for trainee drivers at the moment. You expect those trained to get you safely there. I’ve often wondered about the wisdom of riding in the first carriage but thought it just paranoid and an SUV taking a punt in crossing when the arms are coming down could well hit a second or third carriage.

Morningside’s new train station upgrade continues to cause chaos on the platform with trains not knowing where to stop and waiting passengers, without any seating, having no idea where they can stand amid the diggers, workmen and security fencing.dscn2428

The old station building has been cut in half losing its seating - but will remain for the time being because signal gear is housed inside.dscn2423

The two new Mt Eden platform - type shelters are erected and within weeks, Morningside commuters won’t recognise how the area has

Is "We'll see you right" the train's new slogan as well?

Is "We'll see you right" the train's new slogan as well?

been transformed from a post-war station with no signposts and poor lighting to a well-lit well-signposted welcoming platform.

It’s also wonderful news that amid the chaos post-the government’s decision not to allow a regional petrol tax that the Transport Agency has agreed on a dscn242460 per cent subsidy towards not just the new railway stations at Newmarket but the big upgrade at New Lynn and Avondale and the new stops at  Manukau and the Boston Rd- shift to the new stop known as Grafton.

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  1. Commuter says:

    You describe Morningside station as ‘post war’; from recollection, it and Mt Albert were constructed around 1969-70. I can’t recall what was at Morningside before but the Mt Albert station was quite substantial by contrast with the 2 man shed that replaced it.

  2. Jon says:

    Thanks commuter. You’re right. Morningside was actually one of the first stations on the North Auckland line opening in 1880 and a signal box was first placed there in 1914. But the platform was upgraded in 1966 so thanks for that.


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