Waterfront Trams Idea Getting On Track


TRAMS: Motat's heritage tram is popular

Good to see that the ARC is still pursuing the magnificent Campaign for Better Transport suggestion for heritage trams that could run around the waterfront. I detailed the plan back in August.

Back then, a report to the transport committee suggested a loop linking the development area, Quay Street and Britomart or a facility which forms part of a wider public transport solution for the city.

The report said: “Modern light rail systems are being used as part of strategic transport networks throughout the world to deliver high capacity, high frequency services largely to serve peak hour commuting trips.  There are also examples of light rail systems which are limited to short loops, for example, in Christchurch.  These are used predominantly by heritage vehicles and often lie wholly within city centres.”

With its demise pending because of the Auckland Supercity, the ARC seems as if it’s in a rush to try to get a few pet projects ticked off and this is one of them.

TANK FARM: Auckland sure needs a soul

TANK FARM: Auckland sure needs a soul

There are no plans for light rail and this is very much just a case of replicating Motat and Christchurch with heritage trams rolling around the waterfront as a tourist attraction.

With the Tank Farm project moving along and in the news this week with the talk of a harbour tunnel, the thinking is for such a tramway between Tank Farm and Britomart - and it’s a great idea.

But it will cost to bring some old trams from Melbourne and set up the tracks and the operation and that money isn’t around. There are a lot of pet projects like a Parnell station that are still going through the discussion stage at the ARC with the supercity clock ticking.

As this is a tourist venture, let’s hope central government finds its way to contribute and make it happen.

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  1. Jeremy Harris says:

    It’ll have to be council funded, the best chance is if the plans are very detailed and after the supercity election (with the deeper pockets) a PT mayor is elected…

  2. Johans says:

    Don’t get me wrong but the idea is great but it is extremely out of reach when we are struggling with the basics.

    How can we expand Auckland’s public transportation when we are struggling with maintaining our existing infrastructure?

    All this talk screams of the Boy who cried wolf. In other words I’m not holding my breath.

    So what is the next report on mmmm? Moving sidewalks in the CDB?


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