Art Graces New Lynn Rail Trench - Photos


The Waitakere City Council is ensuring New Lynn’s new underground train station has an arts focus, in keeping with New Lynn’s art and pottery tradition (once home to New Zealand’s Crown Lynn pottery).

Artist Louise Purvis was commissioned to lead a team to treat the trench walls with art featuring topographic lines to reflect New Lynn’s origin. The first of the 258 fibreglass-reinforced concrete panels have been now laid along the trench wall next to the station.

The Aucklander describes her work on her site as using as primary mediums, stone and metals. “Her works often have a simplicity to them which belies their actual making. Recent work has been based around land forms and notations of marking and mapping.”

They won’t be easily accessible and thankfully are being treated with anti-graffiti coating but will give passengers something to gaze at while waiting for a train.
The council also commissioned artists to further reflect New Lynn’s clay and ceramic history with patterns for four cross bridges that cross the trench, sculptural furniture for the station platform and concourse and historic markers (impressions firms impressed onto bricks, pipes and tiles) cast into manhole covers around the surrounding footpath as reminders of New Lynn’s early business history.

Here are a few more photos of the men at work:

And these views at the far end of the work:

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  1. ingolfson says:

    Like the patterns. Though indeed I hope graffiti has been thought about - they look rather difficult to clean.

    But having topo maps on the trench walls is a nice touch! ;-)


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