Transition Agency ‘Design a New Logo Contest!


The Auckland Transition Agency is starting a public competition for a corporate logo for the new Auckland Council but Rodney’s Mayor,  Penny Webster finds it bizarre.

“It is a surprise to hear that the ATA has sorted out the thousands of details needed for the new Auckland Council to function and can now focus on such trivial issues such as the design of a logo.

“Last I heard, fundamental details such as the location of the various parts of the new Council were still yet to be sorted. Meanwhile the functions of the new local boards are still up in the air.”

“In addition to this, the new Council has no Interim Chief Executive and is yet to begin the process of mapping staff into the new corporate structure for the new Council and other CCOs.

It will be several months before council staff have any certainty about their futures.”

Mayor Webster says that Auckland has always been known as the city of sails and that spending ratepayers’ money as well as ATA’s time and focus searching for a new identity and logo at this time is truly bizarre.

The council introduced its wavy blue logo just after the 2007 local body elections before public debate at a reported cost of $1m.

In view of the secrecy the new transport body will operate under, maybe the logo should be something appropriate such as someone saying shhh…

While the Mayor may find it bizarre, it’s exciting  to hear Hamish Keith and Dick Frizzell are among intending to submit. We could at last get something decent.

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  1. Soren says:

    Or maybe just a black field. Or a $ sign to symbolise the new commitment to user pays?

    No, wait, why not use Rodney Hide’s grinning face. After all, with a little more luck, this new Council will bear his outline alright.

    /Rant off…


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