What Kingsland’s Swept Up Station Will Look Like & Timetable

Picture on display of "aerial view" of completed Kingsland station

Picture on display of "aerial view" of completed Kingsland station

Kiwirail, ARTA, Auckland city council and other involved parties are showing off their plans for Kingsland at a public information day until 7pm tonight.

People who have been there, tell me there were no surprises in what the public saw at the display, at Kingsland’s old Trinity Methodist Church in New North Rd - but it was good to be able to be kept informed.

They said that on a rainy day, there seemed to be only a few locals and representatives standing around waiting to engage in conversations. Apparently for locals, most interest was in the Eden Park development and Sandringham Rd changes rather than the rail development.

There are information boards about the Kingsland railway station development plans that have been reported here previously  - widening and lengthening of the southern platform; lengthening of the northern platform and construction of a new pedestrian underpass providing access between the northern platform and Sandringham Rd.

The timetable listed was:

Piling enabling works for underpass (Nov)

Construction of underpass (Dec/Jan)

Platform extensions at both ends (Dec to April)

Platform widening over Sandringham Rd footpath (Jan to April)

As reported here, work started the other weekend (photos here ) and continues until April.

The Eden Park development may be of more interest to the locals as some of them seem to continue to fret about noise and other issues around the expansion of the park  like the effect on their property prices - although to be frank, if they chose to live there, I don’t know what they expect from being a neighbour of a major existing rugby park.


The work has started on the right behind the train

It’s a great idea for such information days to be held so people, especially locals, can get off their chest whatever question is bugging them.

Good on those bodies like Kiwirail for fronting up.

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  1. Jeremy Harris says:

    It should be an okay station once they’re finished, maybe time for an enclosure over all the platforms and walkways..?

  2. Andrew says:

    I was told they’re hoping to extend the shelters sometime before the RWC.

    It’s been identified that crowds may gather in the tunnel after matches on bad weather days rather than go up on to the platform, and that they need to improve the shelters to avoid this.

    Also, the underpass will spend most of its time closed - it will only be in use for match days!

  3. Jeremy Harris says:

    A continuation of what I call RWC disease…

  4. Jon C says:

    Hahaha, Jeremy that’s great. If you don’t have copyright on that, I’ll start using it. Its so brilliant, we must get that out there.

  5. Roger says:

    It looks like John Banks has found some antibiotics that are effective against RWC disease. It was infecting Queen’s Wharf but this particular site is now free symptoms!


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