Keep Cat Litter Off Stations, Please


Any household pet disappearance is a sad event - especially if a child in the household is distressed about it.lost cat

Good on these cat owners for advertising in the local neighbourhood but it looked wrong for their posters to be plastered over the shiny revamped graffiti-free Morningside station.

Maybe we need community noticeboards on stations, as supermarkets have. These would give a community feel and give people something to read when trains are delayed - not that that happens often, of course!

But we must discourage the plastering of posters or we will return to the days of the revamped stations looking like grafitti-strewn gangsta-land.

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  1. Kalelovil says:

    I don’t have a problem with such posters. Just an A4 sheet taped onto one of the light poles isn’t going to ruin the look of the station. Such a highly patronised location as a train station is a prime location for such notices, as long as it remains just public notices and we dont see advertising being plastered all around the station. Community noticeboards may be a good idea and would look tidier, Swanson station already has one, but they risk being damaged or vandalised and looking far worse than any posters.


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